Pre-Order Up for Colonial Nightmare!

Coming June 1, the pre-order for the Kindle version of Colonial Nightmare is now up! I will also be doing paperback and hardcover versions of the book, but Amazon does not allow for pre-orders on those. They will be live on June 1, so if you wish to wait for a physical copy to order,… Continue reading Pre-Order Up for Colonial Nightmare!



So, I've been writing this book for more than a year. It's one of my longer books by design, and I've struggled through my inability to commit to a dedicated process of writing that pulled me away from everything else, allowing me that time to concentrate. My efficacy has suffered for that, but I marched… Continue reading Finally…


The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: A Theda Bara Mystery

https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51K7gp-7FwL.jpg A friend of mine just published his new old school Hollywood murder mystery centered on the silent film actress Theda Bara, titled The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of. He let me read an early draft, and it was an exciting, dreamy, and fun mystery that really captured the feel of 1910s Hollywood, frontier… Continue reading The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: A Theda Bara Mystery