1950s, 4/4, Alexander Mackendrick, Comedy, Review

The Man in the White Suit

Out of the Ealing Studio comedies I've seen, this is probably my favorite. There's always a gentle undercurrent of satire to them, but this is the one with the sharpest edge, all while still packaged as a zany mid-century British comedy full of gentle humor. It's a delightful mix that manages to cast a wonderfully… Continue reading The Man in the White Suit

2000s, 4/4, Action, Mel Gibson, Review


Mel Gibson decided to make an action movie in Mayan America, in Mayan. He really is a crazy person, and he's the exact kind of crazy person who should be getting tens of millions of dollars to make movies, because he took one of the weirdest ideas for a relatively large budgeted action movie and… Continue reading Apocalypto

1960s, 4/4, Action, Drama, History, Masaki Kobayashi, Review

Samurai Rebellion

Masaki Kobayashi was a great Japanese filmmaker who's been overshadowed by Akira Kurosawa over time. He worked in the samurai genre several times, much as Kurosawa did, but he was far more political. His work functioned as scathing critiques of contemporary Japanese life, in particular the propensity for people to set aside their own desires… Continue reading Samurai Rebellion