1940s, 2.5/4, Bergman, Review

Port of Call

A young man gets off a boat in a harbor. Moments later, he witnesses a young woman jump off the harbor into the water in obvious despair. They don't meet, but he just watches as someone closer jumps into the water and fishes her out, leaving the young woman crying on the pavement. Thus starts… Continue reading Port of Call

2/4, 2010s, Action, Review, Science Fiction

The Maze Runner

Oh, the early to mid 2010s, when men were men, women were women, and teenagers were constantly being pitted against an all-oppressive state with absurd contraptions and concepts that fostered some kind of twisted growth. They were more innocent times, really. So, the king of these films (really, the queen) was The Hunger Games a… Continue reading The Maze Runner