1970s, 3/4, Comedy, Review, Robert Zemeckis

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

#13 in my ranking of Robert Zemeckis films. Ensemble pieces are hard, and Robert Zemeckis lands one pretty well with his very first movie. The newest wunderkind and protégé of Steven Spielberg got his first movie with Universal on the promise that Spielberg would finish the film if Zemeckis didn’t work out. Well, work out… Continue reading I Wanna Hold Your Hand

1980s, 2/4, George Miller, Horror, Joe Dante, John Landis, Review, Steven Spielberg

The Twilight Zone: The Movie

This is one of those movies that has conversations dominated by something outside of it, the deaths of Vic Morrow, Renee Shin Chen, and Myca Dinh Le. You have to talk about it in conjunction with this movie not just because it happened while filming but, less importantly, because it negatively affected two of the… Continue reading The Twilight Zone: The Movie