1990s, 4/4, M. Night Shyamalan, Review, Thriller

The Sixth Sense

I have a thing against twists for the sake of twists. There's a certain desire in creatives to surprise their audiences, to give them the unexpected, and the plot twist is an easy tool to use in such circumstances. The key to a good twist is that it needs to not only recast the movie… Continue reading The Sixth Sense

1950s, 4/4, Andrzej Wajda, Drama, Review, War

Ashes and Diamonds

Poland was behind the Iron Curtain as an Eastern Bloc nation in the late 50s when Andrzej Wajda made Ashes and Diamonds. Subject to tight oversight and even censorship, Polish cinema benefited from the cultural thaw under Khrushchev after the death of Stalin which opened up Soviet art and film with greater latitude and global… Continue reading Ashes and Diamonds

Top Ten

The Bourne Franchise Ranked: The Definitive Ranking

Another short franchise that deserves the definitive ranking treatment. Far from a Top Ten, so there's that. This is a franchise that was built a bit more traditionally, with hopes after every one that there could be more but without ever making the movies completely subservient to the idea. If the franchise had ended after… Continue reading The Bourne Franchise Ranked: The Definitive Ranking