1980s, 3/4, Review, Stanley Kubrick, War

Full Metal Jacket

#9 in my Ranking of Stanley Kubrick films. I can imagine myself in a few years wondering, "What did I think of that one movie?" I would pull up the blog, do a quick search, find the review, and be refreshed with my attempts at insight. My opinion that day would be reinforced by the opinion… Continue reading Full Metal Jacket

2010s, 3/4, Drama, Review, Vince Gilligan

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

This movie was pretty obviously made by someone much more comfortable with the storytelling mechanics of serialized television than a feature film. It's essentially broken into three parts (one might call them acts, but they'd be a bit incorrect) that feel like individual episodes of a three part television event made almost a decade after… Continue reading El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie