1990s, 3/4, Crime, John McTiernan, Review

The Thomas Crown Affair

#6 in my Ranking of John McTiernan films. This movie is at its most entertaining when people are stealing things, art in particular. It's the story of a rich man who's always in search of thrills and decides to steal one of the most valuable pieces of art on display at the Met. He's fabulously… Continue reading The Thomas Crown Affair

1970s, 3/4, Drama, Monte Hellman, Review

Two-Lane Blacktop

The people who love this movie seem to love it for that certain feeling that it gives them. Reminiscent of an era they lived personally, the film evokes their own past experiences, or at least past experiences they wish they had had, that enhances the craft and lax storytelling of the picture into something else… Continue reading Two-Lane Blacktop