1990s, 3/4, Drama, John Boorman, Review

The General (1998)

John Boorman had been getting more explicitly political for about a decade, but he moves his focus from far-away jungles to close to home, namely his adoptive home of Dublin. Based on a book by Paul Williams, Boorman wrote his script about the brazen and notorious criminal Martin Cahill with a particular emphasis on a… Continue reading The General (1998)

1980s, 3/4, Fantasy, John Boorman, Review

Excalibur: A Second Look

It's been obvious that John Boorman had his own little cinematic world. It was less distinct visually than someone like Fellini, especially across the films, but he was operating in a distinctly unique thematic space. In Excalibur, Boorman found the most distinct visual presentation of his style, embracing Romanticism and operatic theatrics to bring the… Continue reading Excalibur: A Second Look