2010s, 3.5/4, Drama, Noah Baumbach, Review

Marriage Story

Even before Noah Baumbach showed us the article with Nicole and Charlie titled “Scenes from a Marriage”, the movie screamed of influences to Bergman to me. The main characters are a theater director and an actress (like in After the Rehearsal). There are shots that evoke Persona. And the basic story feels like stuff that… Continue reading Marriage Story

1990s, 4/4, Best Picture Winner, Drama, Review, Steven Spielberg

Schindler’s List

This movie is built on contrasts, and it includes one of the most devastating single cuts in movies. It’s a dual narrative that almost feels separated for a while before the two become completely intertwined in the final hour. It’s impeccably made, acted, scored, and assembled. It is one of, if not the, greatest single… Continue reading Schindler’s List