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1990s, 4/4, Crime, Quentin Tarantino, Review

Jackie Brown

My first viewing of Jackie Brown, years ago, confused me. I was expecting time jumps, and I kept asking myself when things were happening. I was trying to rearrange a movie that needed to rearranging. I mention that uninteresting anecdote because it speaks to the interesting, slightly out of step, place Jackie Brown holds in… Continue reading Jackie Brown

Bergman, Top Ten

Ingmar Bergman’s Best Movies Ranked: The Definitive Ranking

Again, not a Top Ten. It's a Top Seventeen. So, I'm good. As I came to the end of the Criterion Collection's box set, I realized that I had written a lot of 4-star reviews. I went back and counted, and there are seventeen of them. Seventeen of thirty-nine films received 4-star reviews. That's incredible.… Continue reading Ingmar Bergman’s Best Movies Ranked: The Definitive Ranking