1.5/4, 2010s, Musical, Review

Mary Poppins Returns

This was…frustrating. Emily Blunt is quite wonderful as the titular character, but there's just so much that doesn't really fit together around it, dragging the movie down until the end. I wanted to like this so much more than I did. There are two main sources of my frustration with this film. The first are… Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns

1.5/4, 2010s, Fantasy, Marvel, Review

Captain Marvel

#18 in my Ranking of The MCU Phases 1-3. This is a movie with some ideas that fail at their execution, but at least it has some ideas. I don't mean thematic ideas, but some basic structural ideas that place it above the worst of Marvel's films that were more hodgepodge collections of different things… Continue reading Captain Marvel