1.5/4, 1980s, David Lynch, Fantasy, Review, Science Fiction

Dune (1984)

#11 in my definitive ranking of David Lynch's films. I hold David Lynch's Dune up as the perfect example of an adaptation done wrong. It's too concerned with capturing moments from the book to actually tell a story, and it even misses the basic point of the book on top of all that. If you're… Continue reading Dune (1984)

1.5/4, 2000s, Action, Gavin Hood, Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

#10 in my ranking of the X-Men franchise. That was unfortunate. Gavin Hood is a quality director with several very good films to his name like Tsotsi, Ender's Game, and Eye in the Sky. And then there's this. This may not be the worst film so far in the X-Men series, but I feel bad… Continue reading X-Men Origins: Wolverine