1.5/4, 1990s, Drama, John Boorman, Review

Beyond Rangoon

#16 in my ranking of John Boorman's films. There's something off about this film. It's like there are puzzle pieces that don't fit and aren't even from the same puzzle being shoved together without any effort to actually find some semblance of cohesion. It makes me wonder about the writing process of the film. The… Continue reading Beyond Rangoon

1.5/4, 1940s, Best Picture Winner, Drama, Elia Kazan, Review

Gentleman’s Agreement

This is not drama. It's really not. It's polemic with elements of drama inelegantly hanging over different parts here and there in an effort to make it look like drama, wearing a drama suit that doesn't fit. This is didacticism at its most forceful, obvious, one-sided, earnest, and well-meaning, taking a fight for a good… Continue reading Gentleman’s Agreement