1.5/4, 1920s, Alfred Hitchcock, Drama, Review

Juno and the Paycock

This has to be Hitchcock's least cinematic film he ever made. It's a filmed play with almost nothing cinematic to add to the mix. It's a miscalculation of the early sound era that equated theater and film because they shared a lot of the same parts. There are actors, sets, lights, and dialogue, and yet… Continue reading Juno and the Paycock

1.5/4, 1920s, Alfred Hitchcock, Comedy, Review


This is an odd little movie that wants to be a comedy but takes its main character to a very, very dark place and doesn't seem to realize it. The comedic bits are broad, but they're surprisingly far apart. It's a weird little movie. So, The Girl (these characters don't actually have names) flies her… Continue reading Champagne