1990s, 3.5/4, David Lynch, Mystery, Review

Mulholland Drive

#6 in my definitive ranking of David Lynch's films. Rather famously salvaged from a television pilot made for ABC, David Lynch's Mulholland Drive is a delirious and mad descent into depression from two different, mutually exclusive directions. This is kind of the perfect Lynch movie in a way, where the specifics and literal realities are… Continue reading Mulholland Drive

1990s, 4/4, David Lynch, Drama, Review

The Straight Story

#1 in my definitive ranking of David Lynch's films. This is the black sheep of David Lynch's filmography. Even Dune doesn't stick out as much as this because that still feels distinctly Lynchian in all of its deeply flawed glory. There's a single sequence that feels like the work of the man who made Eraserhead… Continue reading The Straight Story