1990s, 2/4, Action, John McTiernan, Review

The 13th Warrior

#7 in my Ranking of John McTiernan films. You can separate your main character and you protagonist, but it's hard to do well. The 13th Warrior attempts it, but I don't think it's really all that successful. There's a technical polish to the film, especially in isolated sequences, and obvious talent behind the camera, but… Continue reading The 13th Warrior

1990s, 3/4, Crime, John McTiernan, Review

The Thomas Crown Affair

#6 in my Ranking of John McTiernan films. This movie is at its most entertaining when people are stealing things, art in particular. It's the story of a rich man who's always in search of thrills and decides to steal one of the most valuable pieces of art on display at the Met. He's fabulously… Continue reading The Thomas Crown Affair