1990s, 4/4, Mystery, Review, Stanley Kubrick

Eyes Wide Shut

#6 in my Ranking of¬†Stanley Kubrick films. This might be the best approximation to the experience of a dream in film. Dreams are hard to realize because they don't follow a lot of the basic rules of logic and storytelling we're used to.¬† The only other movie I can think of that works this successfully… Continue reading Eyes Wide Shut

1990s, 4/4, Crime, Quentin Tarantino, Review

Jackie Brown

#5 in my Ranking of Quentin Tarantino movies. My first viewing of Jackie Brown, years ago, confused me. I was expecting time jumps, and I kept asking myself when things were happening. I was trying to rearrange a movie that needed to rearranging. I mention that uninteresting anecdote because it speaks to the interesting, slightly… Continue reading Jackie Brown