1960s, 3/4, Drama, Martin Scorsese, Review

Who’s That Knocking at My Door

#21 in my ranking of Martin Scorsese's films. Martin Scorsese's first film was made in three distinct blocks. The first was when he set out to make a short film about the character J.R. played by Harvey Keitel titled Bring on the Dancing Girls. A couple of years later it was expanded with the story… Continue reading Who’s That Knocking at My Door

2000s, 3/4, Cameron Crowe, Romantic Comedy


This was the beginning of the end for Cameron Crowe. He has made two movies since, and neither was terribly well received, but it was Elizabethtown that went from anticipation to antipathy, marking what seems to be the rest of his career. It didn't help that the reception at the Toronto International Film Festival was… Continue reading Elizabethtown