1940s, 2/4, Carl Th. Dreyer, Drama, Review

Två människor (Two People)

#13 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. Made immediately after Dreyer's magnificent Day of Wrath, Två människor is the one movie that Dreyer completely disowned. This happens from time to time. Kubrick famously disowned Spartacus and Lynch disowned Dune. There were questions of authorship around both, and the same goes for Dreyer's work here.… Continue reading Två människor (Two People)

1940s, 4/4, Carl Th. Dreyer, Drama, History, Review

Day of Wrath

#3 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. After a decade in the cinematic wilderness where he had to give up the trade completely to go back working at a newspaper (first as a film critic and then as a court reporter), Carl Theodor Dreyer proved that he could make something on time and within… Continue reading Day of Wrath