1940s, 2.5/4, Comedy, Ernst Lubitsch, Review

The Lady in Ermine

#30 in my ranking of Ernst Lubitsch's filmography. Well, at least I learned what ermine is, that's neat. That being said, I was actually somewhat enchanted with That Lady in Ermine, Ernst Lubitsch's final feature film that he was unable to complete due to his untimely death, a task that Otto Preminger, who had completed… Continue reading The Lady in Ermine

1940s, 2/4, Comedy, Drama, Otto Preminger, Review

A Royal Scandal

Ernst Lubitsch was due to direct this screenplay that he helped develop with the screenwriter Edwin Justus Mayer, but he fell too ill to actually go beyond the pre-production process. The executives at Twentieth Century Fox tapped studio director Otto Preminger, another European √©migr√© to Hollywood, to take over the production, and I think this… Continue reading A Royal Scandal

1940s, 3.5/4, Comedy, Ernst Lubitsch, Review, Thriller

To Be or Not to Be (1942)

#9 in my ranking of Ernst Lubitsch's filmography. It's interesting to contrast Ernst Lubitsch's effort at directly dealing with Nazism against Fritz Lang's. Lubitsch had the advantage of leaving Germany in the early 20s, well before the rise of Hitler while Lang left in 1933 right as they claimed power over the legislature and Hitler's… Continue reading To Be or Not to Be (1942)