1940s, 4/4, Drama, Review, William Wyler

The Little Foxes

I remember the biggest impression I had from William Wyler's The Big Country was the effortless blocking of the frame where several subjects at several different distances from the camera were perfectly placed to create aesthetically pleasing images. I found it remarkable, and I finally spun up The Little Foxes, Wyler's earlier adaptation of Lilliam… Continue reading The Little Foxes

1940s, 3.5/4, David Lean, Drama, Review

The Passionate Friends

#6 in my ranking of David Lean's films. I'm really surprised that Anna Karenina never got mentioned in David Lean's 1949 film of a woman caught between two men. It almost feels like a sequel to Brief Encounter, at the same time, especially with Trevor Howard in a role that has a similar (though not… Continue reading The Passionate Friends