1930s, 2.5/4, Billy Wilder, Comedy, Drama, Review

Mauvaise Graine (Bad Seed)

#25 in my ranking of Billy Wilder's filmography. This bothered absolutely no one but me, but back when I did the run through of Billy Wilder's movies I missed his first film, Mauvaise Graine, also known as Bad Seed. It's a minor work, made in the brief period he lived in France after he fled… Continue reading Mauvaise Graine (Bad Seed)

1910s, 2.5/4, Action, Adventure, Fritz Lang, Review

The Spiders Episode 1: The Golden Sea

#30 in my ranking of Fritz Lang's filmography. German critics were apparently dismissive of this, Fritz Lang's third feature film (and first surviving one), deriding as sensationalism and nothing more. I don't disagree, but I also don't really see much wrong with it. The narrative and thematic ambitions are modest, focused more on purely entertaining… Continue reading The Spiders Episode 1: The Golden Sea