1940s, 4/4, Alfred Hitchcock, Review, Thriller

Shadow of a Doubt

#3 in my Ranking of Alfred Hitchcock's films. There's something extra sinister about this tale of lost innocence in a sleepy little California town. The dramatization and fictionalization of a real life killer takes what could have been completely standard tropes and twists them an extra degree or two by adding in an element of… Continue reading Shadow of a Doubt

1940s, 3/4, Alfred Hitchcock, Review, Thriller


#17 in my Ranking of Alfred Hitchcock's films. There are shades of Hitchcock's other films both forward and back. The most obvious are North by Northwest and Young and Innocent to me. All three are stories of men falsely accused of crimes they did not commit and going on the run to clear their names.… Continue reading Saboteur