2/4, 2000s, Drama, Michael Winterbottom, Review

The Killer Inside Me

Movies that try to delve into the psychology of sociopathic killers have an inherent issue that distances the work from the audience. It's not, actually, that the audience can't connect with a killer, it's that the movie usually has little to actually say about the state of being a killer. Even Ingmar Bergman hit this… Continue reading The Killer Inside Me

2000s, 3.5/4, Action, Len Wiseman, Review, Top Ten

Live Free or Die Hard

#1 in my ranking of the Die Hard franchise. Unpopular movie opinion: Live Free or Die Hard is the best Die Hard movie. It's the only one that makes a series attempt at a thematic point. It's not about some deep relationship between the viewer and the world, or even the viewer and movies, but… Continue reading Live Free or Die Hard

0/4, 2000s, Horror, Review, Uwe Boll


Of the four Uwe Boll films I've seen, I think that this might be the worst. It's stiff competition, for sure, but there's something extra inept, amateurish, misguided, and unappealing about BloodRayne. All of Boll's staples are here from inexplicably unnatural dialogue to incredibly dull performances to incomprehensible action scenes to flat cinematography, it's all… Continue reading BloodRayne

2000s, 4/4, Action, Ang Lee, Review

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I decided to rewatch this because I watched Patrick H. Willems’ video about the film and why it’s great. I also remembered Ang Lee’s introduction to Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring on the Criterion Collection’s release where he talked about the movie’s great influence on him. As I watched the film again, I had things… Continue reading Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon