2000s, 3/4, David Lynch, Drama, Mystery, Review

Inland Empire

#9 in my definitive ranking of David Lynch's films. This is the ultimate David Lynch movie. Born of a series of experimental short films he made with consumer grade digital cameras, this is a series of images looking for a story. Thankfully Lynch did find a story to hang it all off of, but at… Continue reading Inland Empire

2/4, 2000s, Action, David Twohy, Fantasy, Review

The Chronicles of Riddick

So, Pitch Black came and went in theaters to a very mild reaction, but it blew up on DVD enough so that Universal decided to get David Twohy over a hundred million dollars to make a follow up to his $23 million budgeted thriller. Faced with the kind of money that went to making an… Continue reading The Chronicles of Riddick

2/4, 2000s, Action, David Twohy, Horror, Review, Science Fiction

Pitch Black

I've never quite understood this movie's appeal. It's fine as a little sci-fi thriller. It works on a purely technical level narratively, but it's not the most engaging thing in the world. It's not terribly scary, or emotional, or thought provoking. It's okay but over stylized and unfocused. In the future, a commercial interstellar ship… Continue reading Pitch Black