2/4, 2010s, Drama, Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Review

Sarah’s Key

I found this tedious and maudlin until the final act got going. It got better from there, but not enough to save the movie overall. I can see how many people would get hit by it emotionally, but I just didn't feel it, finding the character work too thin, the structure undermining to the overall… Continue reading Sarah’s Key

2/4, 2000s, Drama, Michael Winterbottom, Review

The Killer Inside Me

Movies that try to delve into the psychology of sociopathic killers have an inherent issue that distances the work from the audience. It's not, actually, that the audience can't connect with a killer, it's that the movie usually has little to actually say about the state of being a killer. Even Ingmar Bergman hit this… Continue reading The Killer Inside Me