2/4, 2000s, Drama, John Boorman, Review

In My Country

John Boorman continues his exploration of remote political situations by moving from an invented situation in Panama to a fictional account around the real stories told during the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission after the end of Apartheid under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. He also continues his propensity for pushing too much into… Continue reading In My Country

1940s, 2/4, Comedy, Drama, Otto Preminger, Review

A Royal Scandal

Ernst Lubitsch was due to direct this screenplay that he helped develop with the screenwriter Edwin Justus Mayer, but he fell too ill to actually go beyond the pre-production process. The executives at Twentieth Century Fox tapped studio director Otto Preminger, another European √©migr√© to Hollywood, to take over the production, and I think this… Continue reading A Royal Scandal