2/4, 2000s, Action, Fantasy, Len Wiseman, Review

Underworld: Evolution

This feels like the next episode in a serial, picking up right where the previous episode left off to tell just the next adventure in the exciting life and times of Seline, vampire Death Dealer. It's a good thing that I have such affection for the first film because I'm not sure I would have… Continue reading Underworld: Evolution

2/4, 2000s, Action, Fantasy, Len Wiseman, Review


This vampire and werewolf monster mashup takes itself too seriously for how silly it becomes. The performances are all over the place and the lore is overcomplicated. However, I do have a soft spot for it. Len Wiseman has a strong eye and a strong sense of action mechanics, so even if the script isn't… Continue reading Underworld

1940s, 2/4, Carl Th. Dreyer, Drama, Review

Två människor (Two People)

#13 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. Made immediately after Dreyer's magnificent Day of Wrath, Två människor is the one movie that Dreyer completely disowned. This happens from time to time. Kubrick famously disowned Spartacus and Lynch disowned Dune. There were questions of authorship around both, and the same goes for Dreyer's work here.… Continue reading Två människor (Two People)