1980s, 3.5/4, Drama, John Boorman, Review, War

Hope and Glory

#3 in my ranking of John Boorman's films. It's kind of funny how you can read the description of a film, think it sounds completely out of step for a filmmaker's work, and then actually watch it to discover that it ends up fitting perfectly. A slice of life tale of a small boy in… Continue reading Hope and Glory

1950s, 3.5/4, Best Picture Winner, Delbert Mann, Drama, Review

Marty: A Second Look

The Academy goes from awarding a pseudo-independent film (On the Waterfront was financed by Columbia) to an actual independent film in Marty, a film based on a teleplay by the screenwriter by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Delbert Mann, financed by the small production company started by Burt Lancaster and his agent Harold Hecht, while… Continue reading Marty: A Second Look