The Raid: Redemption

I've heard about this movie since it was released, especially in relation to its shockingly similar plot to Dredd. All I had heard about it was the awesome action. And that's what I got: a simple plot and awesome action. The story is of a group of police officers tasked with taking a high rise… Continue reading The Raid: Redemption


Au Revoir Les Enfants

Louis Malle is an interesting director. He never gained a huge following, and his best known movie is probably My Dinner with Andre (which I actually have never seen), but everything he made is eminently watchable. The most recent movie of his that I was exposed to was Vanya on 42nd Street, a performance of… Continue reading Au Revoir Les Enfants

2010s, 3.5/4, Mission Impossible, Review

Mission: Impossible Fallout

This movie's only real flaw is that it over-relies on the previous movie, Rogue Nation, for some plot and character beats. The rest? An absolute blast at the movies. The action is top notch. The acting is more than serviceable. The plot is twisty-turny, treats its audience intelligently, and fun. What more could you want… Continue reading Mission: Impossible Fallout