1970s, 4/4, Comedy, David Lynch, Drama, Review


#4 in my definitive ranking of David Lynch's films. This represents some of the absolute highs and absolute lows of independent production. Judging it purely by the end result, David Lynch's first film is a searing, personal portrait of a specific idea, completely unencumbered by committee decisions driven by nervous studio executives, worried about the… Continue reading Eraserhead

1970s, 3.5/4, Don Siegel, Review, Thriller

The Beguiled (1971)

A psycho-sexual thriller set in the Old South towards the middle of the Civil War, just before Grant begins his siege at Vicksburg, Don Siegel's The Beguiled, based on a book by Thomas Cullinan, is a lurid tale of mistrust, manipulation, and sex that gets shockingly close to greatness but never quite gets there. A… Continue reading The Beguiled (1971)

1970s, 2/4, Action, Kenji Misumi, Review

Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons

#3 in my ranking of the Lone Wolf and Cub franchise. Kenji Misumi returns to the Lone Wolf and Cub franchise as director for the last time, and he provides the sort of competent professionalism that was missing from the previous entry, Baby Cart in Peril. Unfortunately, he brings little else, creating another rather bland… Continue reading Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons