1910s, 2.5/4, John Ford, Review, Western

Straight Shooting

You can do subtlety in silent film, but it requires a certain attention to specific moments that go well beyond what we normally expect from sound films. You need to focus down with a small scope and bring out details that are harder to do without some level of explanation that can happen through dialogue… Continue reading Straight Shooting

1920s, 2.5/4, Carl Th. Dreyer, History, Review

Love One Another (Die Gezeichneten)

#12 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. I don't give up on movies, never turning them off if they don't engage me within a certain amount of time. I'll stick through anything to the end, and I think Dreyer's Love One Another is an example of that benefiting me. The first hour is the… Continue reading Love One Another (Die Gezeichneten)