2.5/4, 2000s, John Boorman, Review, Thriller

The Tailor of Panama

I think this film almost works. Almost. Not quite, though. There's a saggy middle section that just drags the whole affair down without building up the tension like it probably should that the rest of the film can't get past. However, the first third and final third are actually quite adept at pulling together this… Continue reading The Tailor of Panama

1940s, 2.5/4, Ernst Lubitsch, Review, Romantic Comedy

That Uncertain Feeling

#28 in my ranking of Ernst Lubitsch's filmography. Lubitsch, after the critically positive but less than stellar financial receptions of his previous few films, moved into independent production along with business partner Sol Lesser to film a remake of one of Lubitsch's earlier films (Kiss Me Again, which is lost). Having been a producer onĀ … Continue reading That Uncertain Feeling