1/4, 1940s, Bergman, Drama, Review


(I started writing reviews of the Criterion Collection Bergman films with¬†Wild Strawberries, having missed the first three films. This is the second part of the rectification.) Ingmar Bergman's first movie has a handful of charms, but it's ultimately an unfocused bit of over-assured storytelling that never comes together. It's the work of a young artist… Continue reading Crisis

1/4, 1950s, Review, Stanley Kubrick, War

Fear and Desire

#13 in my Ranking of¬†Stanley Kubrick films. This is the work of an immature, unfocused, and pretentious bore. This Stan Kubrick guy has no future in the movies. He should just go back to New York and become a dentist or something. Seriously, this movie is unwatchably bad. Its story, if you can call it… Continue reading Fear and Desire