1/4, 2010s, Action, Die Hard, John Moore, Review

A Good Day to Die Hard

#5 in my ranking of the Die Hard franchise. I'm not one to demand that films in a franchise adhere to the conventions and formula of those that preceded it, so the fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise doing stuff like going to Russia and essentially becoming a spy action thriller don't bother me.… Continue reading A Good Day to Die Hard

1/4, 2000s, John McTiernan, Mystery, Review


#10 in my Ranking of John McTiernan films. I was with this movie for maybe two-thirds of it. I wasn't quite loving it, but I was going along with the twisting narrative and contradictory stories well enough. It was a lesser version of Kurosawa's Rashomon, but it worked. And then it took the twists into… Continue reading Basic