About Me

Do you really want to know?

I mean, I’m just some guy. Well, I guess that’s something.

Not enough for you? Fine. Jeez. So picky.

I was born in Maury County Hospital in Columbia, Tennessee in 1985. We moved around a bit with my father being in academia. I went to high school in Indiana, college in Virginia. I spent a year in Rome teaching English as a foreign language. I met my wife in Alabama after which we moved to South Carolina.

The writing thing has been something I’ve been trying to nail down for a while. I remember my first attempt at serious fiction was when I was in middle school and it was a bit of Star Wars fan fic. Which, I’m sure was terrible. I long ago lost the little manuscript that I had written, but I remember that it revolved around a young man from Earth who magically found himself in the Star Wars universe and interacted with Luke Skywalker and the rest of the gang.

Not exactly the stuff Pulitzer Prizes are made of.

After that, I got into The Lord of the Rings knockoffs instead, which I, thankfully, never got very deep into. I took a bunch of creative writing classes in college and was apparently good enough to almost get into the MFA program. (They offered places for 3 and wait-listed 3. I was on the wait list but all of the original 3 took the spots.)

That was almost fifteen years ago now, and I’ve been scribbling away ever since.

I love American history and have spent the last few years reading biographies of every president in order (I’ve just finished Carl Sandberg’s six volume opus on Lincoln as of early 2018 and look forward to getting into that Andrew Johnson biography at some point). I also have a huge thing for movies in general. If you’re ever bored on a Saturday night, I’ve got a selection for you.

Oh, and my mom says I write well, so you should totally buy all of my books based on her recommendation.