0.5/4, 2000s, Action, Horror, Review, Uwe Boll

Alone in the Dark

Oh, Uwe Boll. Not only were you terrible with comedy, you don't seem to understand the basics of horror/action filmmaking either. Or dialogue. Or human interactions. Alone in the Dark starts with an impossibly long text crawl that explains, in confusing detail, the world that the movie takes place in. The thing is, what's actually… Continue reading Alone in the Dark

2000s, 3.5/4, Action, James Bond, Martin Campbell, Review

Casino Royale (2006)

#6 in my Ranking of the James Bond Franchise. I don’t think the Bond franchise needed a reboot after Licence to Kill with Goldeneye, but it definitely needed one after Die Another Day with Casino Royale. The franchise had devolved into silly setups with mishmashed storytelling while contrasting horribly with the central take on the… Continue reading Casino Royale (2006)