1940s, 2.5/4, Howard Hawks, Propaganda, Review, War

Air Force

#31 in my ranking of Howard Hawks' filmography. Wow, that's a really generic title. Anyway, this is Hawks' second work of propaganda during the Second World War after Sergeant York, and this one works a fair bit less than his previous foray. Rushed into production after the War Department had approved the script, the model… Continue reading Air Force

1930s, 3.5/4, History, Howard Hawks, Review, War

Sergeant York

#13 in my ranking of Howard Hawks' filmography. It's hard to create well-drawn and purely good characters in fiction because it's so easy to write them poorly. It can be really easy to create a character so moral that he ceases to feel real, no longer a character but an extension of an idea from… Continue reading Sergeant York