1960s, 3/4, Carl Th. Dreyer, Drama, Review


#9 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. If anyone tried to say that Carl Theodor Dreyer's final film wasn't heavily inspired by Ingmar Bergman's 50s and early 60s output, I would call that person a dirty liar. This movie is infused with a Bergmanesque sensibility and would have felt right at home in Bergman's… Continue reading Gertrud

1960s, 3/4, Howard Hawks, Review, Western

El Dorado

#18 in my ranking of Howard Hawks’ filmography. I think that the commercial and critical failure of Red Line 7000 made Howard Hawks simply retreat. He effectively remade his most successful film of the previous twenty years, Rio Bravo, using some of the same cast, another established movie star, and the same basic premise for most… Continue reading El Dorado