Carl Th. Dreyer, Top Ten

Carl Theodor Dreyer: The Definitive Ranking

Carl Theodor Dreyer made two of the greatest films ever made. He made one of the most important early horror films. He made dramas, historical epics, chamber dramas, prestige dramas, comedies, and even a fairy tale. He was a versatile, talented, and literate filmmaker who made nine of his fourteen films in the first decade… Continue reading Carl Theodor Dreyer: The Definitive Ranking

Howard Hawks, Top Ten

Howard Hawks: The Definitive Ranking

A big thanks to Mark Andrew Edwards for recommending that I go through Howard Hawks' filmography. This was a great ride. Hawks was never a director I had given much thought to before. I owned a handful of his films already, but I'd never considered his body of work as whole or Hawks' place in… Continue reading Howard Hawks: The Definitive Ranking

Top Ten, X-Men

The X-Men Franchise: The Definitive Ranking

What a fascinating little franchise. Cohesive, then fractured, then cohesive again, and finally whimpering out into nothing, the X-Men movies are a grab bag of entertaining movies. There's legitimately good stuff in here, but there's also misguided and downright boring stuff as well. Like most franchises, it got handed from one creative team to another,… Continue reading The X-Men Franchise: The Definitive Ranking