David Lynch, Top Ten

David Lynch: The Definitive Ranking

David Lynch is a fascinating filmmaker. Talented in more traditional ways, he chooses to mainly exist in a more abstract plane of narrative filmmaking than most. Two of his films (The Elephant Man and The Straight Story) are as normal as anything any other independent filmmaker could make, but his body of work is dominated… Continue reading David Lynch: The Definitive Ranking

Top Ten, X-Men

The X-Men Franchise: The Definitive Ranking

What a fascinating little franchise. Cohesive, then fractured, then cohesive again, and finally whimpering out into nothing, the X-Men movies are a grab bag of entertaining movies. There's legitimately good stuff in here, but there's also misguided and downright boring stuff as well. Like most franchises, it got handed from one creative team to another,… Continue reading The X-Men Franchise: The Definitive Ranking

Christopher Nolan, Top Ten

Christopher Nolan: The Definitive Ranking

Christopher Nolan's done a lot in just over 20 years in the industry. With a meteoric rise from nothing as a former English Literature student with a camera in Following to the director of heady, wildly expensive Hollywood entertainments like Tenet, Nolan has become one of the true auteur voices in big budget modern filmmaking.… Continue reading Christopher Nolan: The Definitive Ranking