0.5/4, 2020s, Action, Chris McKay, Review, Science Fiction

The Tomorrow War

This was excessively stupid. It honestly feels like it was written by AI, not a human. It has all the pieces you expect from a large-budgeted scifi action vehicle starring an established action star, but nothing makes any sense, the emotional catharsis is completely manufactured and feels incredibly fake while being entirely unearned, and it… Continue reading The Tomorrow War

1.5/4, 2010s, Daniel Espinosa, Horror, Review, Science Fiction


A lot of people worked really hard on Life, the scifi horror film from Daniel Espinosa. Actors filmed extensively on wires on sets to emulate zero-gravity. Special effects were employed extensively to sell the ISS and the alien creature. And yet, the script was honestly just not there. Espinosa has said that he was trying… Continue reading Life