1970s, 2.5/4, John Boorman, Review, Science Fiction


The drugs have kicked in. Zardoz seems to be something of a poster-child for the hedonistic, drug-fueled, portentous, and overstuffed version of pre-Star Wars 70s science fiction, and I don't hate it. After the success of Deliverance, that went so far as to get a Best Picture nomination from the Oscars, Boorman took his cache… Continue reading Zardoz

2020s, 3/4, Action, Best Picture Winner, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, Review, Science Fiction

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Well, that was a lot. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the title. That being said, it seems odd to critique a film for having too much going on when that's kind of the point, but I'm gonna do it anyway. There's a lot of fun, entertaining, and even emotionally resonant stuff going on,… Continue reading Everything Everywhere All At Once