1940s, 3/4, John Ford, Review, Western

3 Godfathers

#41 in my ranking of John Ford's filmography. A remake of a 1916 film starring Harry Carey, one of the earliest movie stars in general and star of several of John Ford's earliest features, including Westerns, 3 Godfathers is an easy entertainment filled with winning performances and a nice tribute to the passed movie star… Continue reading 3 Godfathers

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The Lethal Weapon Franchise: The Definitive Ranking

Not a great series, but it has its amusements. What started as a rather serious look at a policeman with suicidal depression finding reason for life quickly became a corporate product, driven by opening weekend grosses hinging entirely on recognizable elements and the charm of its leads. I can easily see why Shane Black found… Continue reading The Lethal Weapon Franchise: The Definitive Ranking