My Works

Welcome to my website and portal to my written works, all on at least pre-order, if not for sale. Buy them all multiple times so that I may purchase an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and recreate National Treasure whenever I feel like it.

Here’s my Amazon Author Page, where you can see the complete list.

Below is a gallery of my works, along with their release dates.

The Sharp Kid – Available November 1, 2021

Crystal Embers Cover
Available July 1, 2019

My first novel! Huzzah!

Lake Erie Cover
Available Now!
Cover - Darkness - Final
Available Now!
Cover - SciFi - Final
Available Now!
Cover - Mutiny - Final
Available Now!
Available Now!


Available September 1, 2018

Below are some images created by fans as they read my work.

Cover art for A Light in the Darkness made by JT Wynn