2010s, 4/4, Drama, László Nemes, Review

Son of Saul

Well, that was cheery. Alright, it's hard to imagine many Holocaust movies being fun, but this one so effectively creates the subjective reality of one man's need to do one thing right in the middle of a near literal Hell on Earth. Every piece of the film is designed to enhance the audience's immersion into… Continue reading Son of Saul

2010s, 4/4, Armando Iannucci, Comedy, History, Review

The Death of Stalin

I was expecting a much more straight comedy based on the movie's marketing that what I got, but while the movie is often uproariously funny, it's still the story of a handful of awful people fighting to the death for control of the living corpse that was Soviet Russia. The comedy is there, not for… Continue reading The Death of Stalin

2000s, 4/4, Action, Ang Lee, Review

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I decided to rewatch this because I watched Patrick H. Willems’ video about the film and why it’s great. I also remembered Ang Lee’s introduction to Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring on the Criterion Collection’s release where he talked about the movie’s great influence on him. As I watched the film again, I had things… Continue reading Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon