1970s, 3.5/4, Don Siegel, Review, Thriller

The Beguiled (1971)

A psycho-sexual thriller set in the Old South towards the middle of the Civil War, just before Grant begins his siege at Vicksburg, Don Siegel's The Beguiled, based on a book by Thomas Cullinan, is a lurid tale of mistrust, manipulation, and sex that gets shockingly close to greatness but never quite gets there. A… Continue reading The Beguiled (1971)

1990s, 3/4, Martin Scorsese, Review, Thriller

Cape Fear (1991)

#22 in my ranking of Martin Scorsese's films. It seems like most directors want to make a tribute to Hitchcock at some point in their careers. Zemeckis did it with What Lies Beneath, and even the original Cape Fear by J. Lee Thompson was an homage to the then living master. Scorsese comes along and… Continue reading Cape Fear (1991)

1960s, 4/4, John Frankenheimer, Review, Thriller

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

It's still kind of shocking to me how well made this is almost sixty years after its release. John Frankenheimer really found ways to push his camera into odd angles film scenes in disconcerting ways to increase tension and anxiety all while translating a story that's compelling and populating it with great characters. It's rightfully… Continue reading The Manchurian Candidate (1962)