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Sam Peckinpah: A Retrospective

When I told Mark Andrew Edwards that I was going to tackle the filmography of┬áSam Peckinpah, he replied, "That's strong whiskey." I think that may have been a bit of an understatement. This is the man who brought the culturally significant bloodbath at the end of his revisionist Western The Wild Bunch, who filmed the sexual… Continue reading Sam Peckinpah: A Retrospective

Sam Peckinpah, Top Ten

Sam Peckinpah: The Definitive Ranking

Peckinpah is hard whiskey, as a friend told me, and he was right. His best films are uncompromising views at violence, masculinity, and friendship in an uncaring world. His worst films are victims of his later, much deeper descents into alcoholism and drug addiction. Sam Peckinpah's work is hard-edged and rough, not the sort of… Continue reading Sam Peckinpah: The Definitive Ranking

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The Osterman Weekend

#14 in my ranking of Sam Peckinpah's filmography. The disaster that was the production of Convoy (it was financially successful, but not enough to save Peckinpah's professional reputation) knocked him out of work for several years. Don Siegel, one of Peckinpah's early mentors, needed some second unit work done on his film Jinxed!, and Peckinpah… Continue reading The Osterman Weekend