1960s, 2.5/4, Best Picture Winner, Jerome Robbins, Musical, Review, Robert Wise

West Side Story (1961)

So, I have something of a history with this film. Previous to this screening, I'd only seen it once, about twenty years ago, and I hated the film. I loathed it. In fact, despite having only seen the film a single time two decades ago, I retained surprisingly clear memories of the film itself as… Continue reading West Side Story (1961)

1950s, 3/4, Best Picture Winner, Musical, Review, Vincente Minnelli


I feel like I'm seeing Lubitsch everywhere now, but it's hard to deny the connections between Lubitsch and Gigi. It's set in Europe, pre-WWI (specifically France's Belle Epoque), with wealthy people and a certain visual materialism, a class divide, the battle of the sexes, and Maurice Chevalier. It's the Chevalier presence that makes it unmistakable… Continue reading Gigi