Fellini, Repost


Federico Fellini is just one of those names that dominate cinema. Along with people like Bergman, Welles, Ford, and Griffith, his impact was so large that his movies became a cornerstone of cinema's identity. His influence ended up wide and deep. Filmmakers like Scorsese and Terry Gilliam have heavy Fellini influences in their work. He's… Continue reading Fellini

1990s, 2.5/4, Comedy, Fellini, Review

The Voice of the Moon

#19 in my ranking of Federico Fellini's films. Fellini's last movie. He started his directing career with Variety Lights in 1950 and ends it here, in 1990, with forty years of change to his beloved home country in between. It turns out, though, that Fellini didn't have a whole lot more to say. He'd been… Continue reading The Voice of the Moon