1990s, 2.5/4, Comedy, Fellini, Review

The Voice of the Moon

#19 in my ranking of Federico Fellini's films. Fellini's last movie. He started his directing career with Variety Lights in 1950 and ends it here, in 1990, with forty years of change to his beloved home country in between. It turns out, though, that Fellini didn't have a whole lot more to say. He'd been… Continue reading The Voice of the Moon

1980s, 2.5/4, Comedy, Fellini, Review


#18 in my ranking of Federico Fellini's films. I ended up with the opposite reaction I've had over the last few movies with Intervista. I was deliriously in love with everything until the ending when I felt like it just petered out. Each of the disparate pieces was wonderful as I waited for Fellini to… Continue reading Intervista