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Alfred Hitchcock: The Definitive Ranking

A top 53. Not even close to a Top 10. Hitchcock's career as director spanned 51 years and saw the advent of sound, the profusion of color cinematography, the adoption of widescreen aspect ratios to combat television, and the beginnings of the fall of the studio system. He started as a contract director with British… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock: The Definitive Ranking

1970s, 3/4, Alfred Hitchcock, Crime, Review, Thriller

Family Plot

#29 in my Ranking of Alfred Hitchcock's films. We come to it at last, Alfred Hitchcock's fifty-third completed and unlost film that is also his last ever made. From 1925's The Pleasure Garden to 1976, he made movies that cinema will never forget, and like many great filmmakers, he went out without hitting the same… Continue reading Family Plot