Pre-Order Up for Colonial Nightmare!

Coming June 1, the pre-order for the Kindle version of Colonial Nightmare is now up!

I will also be doing paperback and hardcover versions of the book, but Amazon does not allow for pre-orders on those. They will be live on June 1, so if you wish to wait for a physical copy to order, you just need to wait until June 1. Below is the summary again:

When George Washington was 21 years old, he went on a dangerous mission into the wilds of the Ohio River Valley to deliver a message from the Virginia colonial governor to a French military base, Fort La Beouf, a message to prevent war between England and France. The journey was harrowing and dangerous as Washington, joined by frontiersman Christopher Gist and Iroquois leader Tanacharison, also called the Half-King, braved the bitter cold of an unforgiving winter.

Washington wrote of his journey as a report to the governor, but he gave an incomplete portrait of the goings on of his journey, for he was attacked. He was attacked by something he could not explain. Something not of the New World but of the Old. Something that had preyed upon innocent for centuries. Something that scared him so much that he refused to report it to anyone.

Here, for the first time, is the full account of the colonial major’s journey. Far more than an act to prevent conflict between nations, it became a conflict that pitted evil against a man like any other, a man who had to potential within him to lead a nation.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Order Up for Colonial Nightmare!”

  1. Poor George Washington. Not only did he wind up starting the French and Indian War on this trip, which led inexorably to the American Revolution, but he also had to fight something capital E Evil as well as the natives and French?


    1. Well, that accidental starting of the American theater of the Seven Years War was the next year, and it also involved the Half-King.

      But yes, he got unlucky! And Davy Crockett just had to fight a bear.


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