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Living – Trailer

A remake of one of my favorite movies?

My usual idea is to remake movies you want to love but can’t for some reason, not movies you love. This takes Kurosawa’s Ikiru and puts it in a new cultural context (post-war Britain instead of post-war Japan) which could create enough space for it to live on its own in the minds of people (those few people who know Ikiru, that is). Plus, Bill Nighy is a quality actor.

I’m intrigued, especially by the Academy ratio:


3 thoughts on “Living – Trailer”

    1. It’s described as using the script from Ikiru, not just adapted from it . Of course, there’s some adaptation to put it in a British context, but it sounds like it’s going to be very faithful.

      It probably won’t get any kind of theatrical release that will come close to me, so I’ll just be looking for the streaming option once it comes up.


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