Movie News

Movie News – Week of 11/25

News that caught my eye:

‘Star Trek’: ‘Fargo’ Creator Noah Hawley to Direct Next Film

I overall like the new Star Trek films, so this is nice news. It’s not the mysterious Tarantino project (that no one knows anything about other than it exists in some form), but a direct sequel to Beyond. Pine was the big holdout amongst the cast which, I believe, was only ever signed for three movies. So, this is nice.

Oscars: War Epic ‘1917’ Crashes the Race

No, I don’t care about the Oscars. However, the trailer for 1917 had caught my eye, and I really like Sam Mendes as a director. He’s got chops. The news that his newest movie is so good that it could upend the stupid Oscar race (which is mostly a political fight) based purely on its artistic merits is nice to hear.

Justice Department to Terminate Longstanding Legal Rules for Movie Distribution

I wanted the Paramount Decrees expanded, not restricted. I think this is generally not good news for the future of movies, placing more power in the hands of companies like Disney. I just don’t see it as a good thing that Disney is buying up so much of the content side and will soon be able to dominate the delivery side. We’re falling further away from consumers actually owning the products they buy (movies, in this case), and just becoming perpetual renters.

I don’t like this.

Tracy Letts On His Bad “The Woman in the Window” Experience

I have no idea who Tracy Letts is or heard of The Woman in the Window, but the experience detailed is an interesting look at the sausage grinder that is the process of making movies.

Trailers that caught my eye:

This looks cheap and kind of terrible. That dog looks so incredibly fake. It looks like they never used a real dog in any shot.

This looks energetic, colorful, and fun. Would watch based on the trailer.

Pixar’s track record is just too good to ignore, and this has some fun details. The dad only half-appearing, for instance. It also seems to have a similar yearning for a past time of magic that would fit in well with a Terry Gilliam film.


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