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Movie News – Week of 11/18

News that Caught my Eye

‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot Call for Release of Fabled “Snyder Cut”

So, during post-production of Justice League, Zack Snyder’s daughter committed suicide. He walked away from the project and got replaced by Joss Whedon who shot a bunch of stuff and finished the film. By all accounts, the finished cut is quite different from the rough cut Snyder was working from when he left the project. Since Justice League is such a general disappointment to just about everyone, clamors for the Snyder Cut have arisen since the movie’s original release.

I like Snyder’s DC movies more than most, but I’ve never quite caught the fever for this. I cannot imagine his cut being some great hidden gem. I can imagine it being longer and providing some of its new characters more time to breathe, which would improve the film, but I’m unconvinced that it would be great.

Still, I’m interested in seeing it. Hopefully it’ll see the light of day some day.

This warms my heart. I’d rather that Tarantino actually make a 10th movie than do any of these things, but this means that Tarantino is keeping himself creatively fresh. He’s not boxing himself in. I know that at least one of his most recent movies started out as a novel (off the top of my head, I think that was The Hateful Eight). So, anything to keep that man going creatively. And, maybe he’ll go past movie 10.

Paul Thomas Anderson Has a New Film in the Works, and It Will Reportedly Take Us Back to ’70s California

Of the same generation as Tarantino, Anderson is a cool to the touch and masterful filmmaker. Any news of him taking on a new project is good news.

George Lucas Edited Star Wars to Have Greedo Say ‘MACLUNKEY’ Before Shooting at Han Solo

This is so stupid.

Trailers that caught my eye:

Nothing. There’s been stuff, but nothing I found that interesting. The Sonic stuff is just too dumb to think about. So, a throwback!

The original Alien trailer! Because, why not?


4 thoughts on “Movie News – Week of 11/18”

  1. I suspect QT will find lots of ways to make other movies that aren’t TECHNICALLY his 10th movie. I don’t think he can turn off that creative spigot, most writers and artists just can’t not create.

    Zach Synder is visually talented, not to the degree of Michael Bay, but he’s got a good eye. But he is a terrible storyteller. His best work has been very literal adaptations. He needs strong source material and a commitment to it. On his own he’s…meh or worse. I have no confidence the Synder Cut would be better. This is the guy who wrote a morse Superman who destroys cities and kills people and who killed off Pa Kent.


    1. The reason I have some hope for the Snyder Cut is the fact that my biggest problem with Justice League is how little time the new characters have to establish themselves before they get thrown into a fight. The late requirement that the movie be only 2 hours long is at least partially to blame for that.

      I’ve read that the Snyder Cut is something like 3.5 hours long.


      1. These SHOULD be iconic characters. Unless you’re messing them up, Snyder style, we don’t need much establishment to know what Superman’s gig is, who Batman is….I would pay money for more Gal Godot time though. Yow. She was also the only person having fun in that movie.


      2. It’s the new characters that I’m thinking of. Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

        They have about half a scene each to establish themselves before they join the League. The others have had entire movies to establish who they are in this iteration, but the new three? I need more than that.

        Still, the Snyder Cut, I’ve heard since Whedon got hired, has been called unwatchable by people inside Warner Brothers. It’s possible that it’s just an awful thing to sit through. I’d like to see for myself, though, even with unfinished CGI and sound and a temp score.


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