2010s, 3.5/4, Review

The Edge of Seventeen

What an unexpected little surprise of a movie. What feels like it should have been merely a sarcastic but amusing teen comedy by its trailers ends up being a surprisingly affecting exploration of loss, friendship, and family. Nadine is an awkward girl with a single friend, Krista. They're alone against the world, scoffing at everyone… Continue reading The Edge of Seventeen

1960s, 3.5/4, Propaganda, Review

Soy Cuba

What an absolutely fascinating film. Pure propaganda for the then newly victorious revolutionary government of Cuba, funded by the Soviet Union and created with both Cuban and Soviet creatives (directed by the Cannes Palme d'Or director Mikhail Kalatozov), and absolutely engrossing from a technical standpoint, the film doesn't quite reach as high from a narrative… Continue reading Soy Cuba